Why Customer Service Will Elevate or Sink Your Business

Why Customer Service Will Elevate or Sink Your Business

Business runs off of efficiency. From purchase to delivery, consumers want their product and/or service quickly. Your business has to be efficient, but it isn’t always about timeliness.

Customer service is the driving force of efficiency. Employees must believe in the product they are selling. When employees believe in the business, the customer service is greatly improved because there is a sense of ownership for each employee. When customers are able to connect with employees, customer loyalty increases.

With more than 50 years of business development experience, Dr. Gerald Blumenthal has been assisting existing businesses with their customer service. By utilizing speaking engagements and seminars, Dr. Blumenthal expresses the importance of customer service and how it directly impacts revenue and profit. He demonstrates the importance of ensuring every employee understands the mission, culture, and structure of the particular company, and how management plays a major role in establishing and maintaining all three of these aspects. When a company focuses on the effectiveness of their managerial department, the employees are empowered to perform at a higher level, which impacts their daily customer service interactions.


Empowering employees with knowledge about the company and how to interact with consumers is a vital aspect of creating efficiency in the workplace. The more information an employee knows about the product, service, the company and its policies, the quicker they are able to perform for consumers.

Owners and business executives often fall short on empowering employees, which causes delays in production. Dr. Blumenthal provides valuable information on how to safely go about empowering employees in order to mitigate risks and increase productivity.


Dr. Blumenthal has been working with Houston area and national businesses for more than half of a century. His engaging and humorous keynote speaking has helped large and small businesses improve their customer service, proficiency, and efficiency. Dr. Blumenthal keeps every speaking engagement fun and informative so that every attendee, from employee to owner, leaves understanding how to positively impact their company.

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Dr. Gerald Blumenthal is a global entrepreneur, author and speaker. Companies in the Greater Houston area utilize Gerald’s 50-plus years of business success to educate their executives, managers, and employees on the art and science of customer service.

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