What You Will Learn at a Dr. Blumenthal Speaking Engagement

What You Will Learn at a Dr. Blumenthal Speaking Engagement

Renowned author, public speaker, and customer service expert, Dr. Gerald Blumenthal, has been helping businesses improve their customer service for over half a century. Dr. Blumenthal understands how important a company’s success depends on their level of customer service. Through his speaking engagements and seminars, Dr. Blumenthal educates both Houston area and nationwide companies on the art and science of customer service. Here are just a few of the things you will learn at one of Dr. Blumenthal’s public speaking events.

Great Customer Service Is Nice

Dr. Blumenthal is a firm believer that being nice is quintessential to great customer service. So much so that he even dedicated two chapters to being nice in his book, “Motivation: The Key to Top Notch Sales and Customer Service”.

As a business owner, you want someone to trust you enough to buy your products or services. There is no better way to gain someone’s trust and have them like you than being nice. Once trust is established, the customer feels comfortable doing business with you, and is likely to refer you to their friends and business associates. In fact, Dr. Blumenthal found that when a person receives great customer service, he or she is likely to tell 10 people. However, when a customer receives poor service, he or she is likely to tell 20 people.

Great Customer Service Goes the Extra Mile

Great customer service makes customers feel special. Part of making customers feel special is by going above and beyond the call of duty. When a customer knows they can count on you to deliver services that surpass what is expected, they become part of your regular and loyal clientele.

Dr. Blumenthal has found that it costs up to five times more to gain a new customer than keeping the one you have. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to retain your customer base. This is established by always making the customer feel special through a great customer service experience every time. As Dr. Blumenthal says, “It takes just one inept or rude employee to negate all your overheads.”

Dr. Blumenthal’s speaking engagements are not only informative, but entertaining as well. His humorous and engaging public speaking style makes learning fun. Every attendee leaves one of his speaking engagements with a wealth of important knowledge. So whether you’re in Houston or some other part of the country, schedule Dr. Blumenthal today to bring your company’s customer service to the next level.


Dr. Gerald Blumenthal is a global entrepreneur, author and speaker. Companies in the Greater Houston area utilize Gerald’s 50-plus years of business success to educate their executives, managers, and employees on the art and science of customer service.

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