The Changing Ways Of Customer Service

In this age where the Internet has given unhappy customers a louder voice, providing an excellent customer service experience is more important than ever. The immediate ratings and reviews of your company offered on the Internet can either sink or swim your business.

For over 50 years, global entrepreneur Dr. Gerald Blumenthal has been helping companies grow their business through excellent customer service. Using an engaging and humorous public speaking style, Dr. Blumenthal teaches the keys to great customer service at corporate functions and speaking engagements.

One of Dr. Blumenthal’s greatest attributes is his ability to adapt to the changing times. During his speaking engagements, Dr. Blumenthal often stresses the importance of providing customer service that resonates well with the current business climate. With over 50 years of experience, Dr. Blumenthal indeed knows what it takes to stay successful in an ever-changing business world.

The Old Way of Customer Service

For years, companies have been spending enormous sums of money to train employees to follow standard scripts and procedures when interacting with customers. The problem with this approach is that highly scripted employees are often less able to be truly empathetic towards the customer. In addition, going by a standard script is so common these days that most customers can tell when a customer service representative is just going through the motions. This can come across as cold and calloused, thus negatively affecting your company’s ability to make the customer feel valued.

The New Way of Customer Service

A better approach is to have employees commit to a more personable, relational method of customer service. This is achieved by showing true appreciation for the customer’s concerns before taking action. By doing so, you are showing empathy for the customer, thus making him or her feel valued.

Dr. Blumenthal is a firm believer that being empathetic and nice are quintessential elements to building great client relationships. As a business owner, you want someone to feel valued and to trust you enough to buy your products or services. There is no better way to gain someone’s trust and have them like you than being nice and letting them know you understand their concerns. In fact, Dr. Blumenthal believes in being nice so much that he dedicated two chapters to being nice in his book, Motivation: The Key to Top Notch Sales and Customer Service.

A great way to educate your employees on the changing ways of customer service is to book Dr. Blumenthal for your next corporate event. Each attendee of one of his speaking engagements obtains a wealth of knowledge while simultaneously being entertained by his amusing public speaking style. Schedule Dr. Blumenthal today for your next corporate function.


Dr. Gerald Blumenthal is a global entrepreneur, author and speaker. Companies in the Greater Houston area utilize Gerald’s 50-plus years of business success to educate their executives, managers, and employees on the art and science of customer service.

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